Set Design

Set Design

As I've always enjoyed building things, I've had a lot of fun with the sets I have designed for my videos.

Camp Fire Set

I landscaped this camp fire pit in the woods of a friend's back yard.  This was a planned mixture of incongruent things: a couple of wooden planks, a downed tree and some logs, actual flat garden stones purchased at the nursery.  This is a place designed and used by Fairies, after all!

That's my assistant set designer / landscaper for the day, Jon.

And here's my first group of fairies on-set.
You can see how this set was used in this video here:

You can see in the video it was just the right size for my thirteen fairies to crowd around and have some chaotic fun.

Fairy Clubhouse

For my Fairy Clubhouse I rented a historic log cabin and filled it with props of the sort you'd find in such a clubhouse at Camp Fae.

Fairy Clubhouse exterior

Fairy Clubhouse interior

Use of Space, Color, Light

Here's a concept photograph for the "fairies on the bookshelf" segment in my short film The Visitors.

I wanted a look here that was both beautiful and creepy.  I believe I achieved it.

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